1. Nokia Mobile Price In Pakistan
  2. Mobile Price In Pakistan

30 Bore Pistol License In Pakistan Prices. I want to sale my 30 bore automatic. 30 bore pistol for sale. January 2017 December 2016. If you are looking to search Pistol and want to enjoy the online shopping of Pistol than shoppingbag.pk is the. Pistol Shopping Online In Pakistan. New weapons prices in pakistan. Handguns HANDGUNS No. Name Type Link Lahore Price 1). Locally Made TT.30 Pistol TT 30 Rs. Lahore Price 1).30 Bore Local.

Name Type Link Pakistan Price 1). Locally Made TT 30 Pistol TT 30 Rs. Locally Made Clone of Beretta 92 / Stoeger Cougar 9mm Pistol PakGuns Rs. Locally Made Glock 17 / 19 Clone 9mm Pistol Rs. TT Zastava - ( Serbia).30 Pistol TT 30 Rs. CF 98/NP42/QSZ-92 ( China) 9mm Pistol CF-98 / NP 42 Rs.

NZ-85B ( China) (Currently Short) 9mm Pistol Norinco NZ85B Rs. Norino 1911.45 Pistol Norinco Rs. Walther PP (Used).32 Pistol Walther PP Rs. Kanuni 16 / S ( Turkey) 9mm Pistol Kanuni Rs. Canik 55 (All variants) 9mm Pistol PakGuns Rs. Walther P22 ( Germany).22 Pistol Walther P22 Rs.

CZ 999 (Skorpion) Serbia (AKA Charles Daily ZDA) 9mm Pistol CZ999 Rs. Stoeger Cougar ( Turkey) 9mm Pistol Handgunsmag.com Rs.

Tangfolio Viper ( Philippines) 9mm Pistol Viper Rs. Sarsilmaz B6 ( Turkey) 9mm Pistol Sarsilmaz Rs. Taurus 24/7 Pro ( Brazil) 9mm Pistol Taurususa.com Rs. Daewoo DP51 ( Korea) 9mm Pistol Daewoo DP51 Rs.

COLT 1911 (U.S.A) (Used).45 Pistol Colt 1911 Rs. Taurus PT 99 ( Brazil) 9mm Pistol Taurususa.com/ Rs. Baikal MP446 Viking ( Russia) 9mm Pistol Baikal Rs. Taurus 941 ( Brazil).22 Mag Revolver Taurususa.com/ Rs.

Taurus 24/7 Pro Titanium ( Brazil) 9mm Pistol Taurususa.com Rs. ISSC M22.22LR Pistol ( Austria).22 Pistol PakGuns Rs. Taurus PT 145 ( Brazil).45 ACP Hunting Rs. Taurus 809 ( Brazil) 9mm Pistol Taurususa.com Rs. SIG Mosquito.22 Pistol Wiki Rs.

Taurus 1911.45ACP ( Brazil).45 Pistol Ttaurususa.com Rs. Browning BuckMark.22 Pistol Browning Rs. Smith & Wesson Sigma (NIB) 9mm Pistol SIGMA Rs.

Taurus PT 608.357 Magnum ( Brazil).357 Revolver Taurususa.com Rs. Graph theory by narsingh deo ebook. Ruger Security Six (Used).357 Revolver Security Six Rs. Smith & Wesson.38 Special.38 Revolver S&W.38 '2 Rs.

CZ-75B ( Czech Republic) 9mm Pistol CZ-75 Rs. CZ-85B ( Czech Republic) 9mm Pistol CZ-85 Rs. Ruger Mark III (U.S.A).22 Pistol GunBlast Rs. Ruger GP 100 (Used).357 Mag GP 100 Rs. Beretta 92FS ( Italy) 9mm Pistol Beretta 92 Rs. Glock 17 ( Austria) 9mm Pistol Glock 17 Rs.

Glock 19 ( Austria) 9mm Pistol Glock 19 Rs. Steyr M9A1 9mm Pistol Steyr M9A1 Rs. Glock 21 (U.S.A).45 Pistol Glock 21 Rs. Colt King Cobra.357 Revolver Colt.357 King Cobra Rs. SIG P250 9mm Pistol Wiki Rs. HK USP ( Germany) (NIB) 9mm Pistol Heckler & Koch USP Rs. HK USP Tactical ( Germany).45 Pistol Heckler & Koch USP Tactical Rs.

Nokia Mobile Price In Pakistan

Glock 20 ( Austria) 10mm Pistol Glock 20 Rs. Glock 26 ( Austria) 9mm Pistol Glock 26 Rs. H & K P2000 ( Germany) 9mm Pistol Heckler & Koch P2000 Rs. H & K MK23 ( Germany).45 Pistol Heckler & Koch MK23 Rs. H & K P30 ( Germany) 9mm Pistol Heckler & Koch P30 Rs. Super RedHawk Magnum.44/.48 Revolver RedHawk Magnum Rs.

Mobile Price In Pakistan

SIG 226 X-5 9mm Gun Directory Rs. 500,000 Shotguns/Double Barrels/Rifles No. Name Type Link Pakistan Price 1). DSA Shooter -Daudsons Armory ( Pakistan) Pump Action Daudsons Rs. Viper/Cobra/Puma (Turkish) Pump Action Tristarsportingarms.com Rs.

B.R.N.O.22 (Czeck).22 Rs. Viper (Turkish) Repeater Viper Rs. Maverick/Mossberg (U.S.A) Pump Action Mossberg Maverick Rs. BAIKAL O/U (IZH 27).12 ga PakGuns Rs. BAIKAL 'Fiber' Stock (Russian) DBBL Yorkguns.com Rs. BAIKAL 'Wood' Stock (Russian) DBBL Yorkguns.com Rs.

B.R.N.O 243.243 B.R.N.O.243 Rs. FabArm SDASS ( Italy) Pump Action Fabarm.com Rs. GSG -5 (German).22 Demigodllc.com Rs. Walther G22.22 Carl-Walther.info Rs. Mossberg Compact (U.S.A) Pump Action Mossberg Compact Crusier Rs.

Winchester Defender 1300 Pump Action Militaryfactory.com Rs. Remington 870 (U.S.A) Pump Action Remington. Saiga 12 (Russian) Repeater Saiga-12 Rs. FabArm Repeater Fabarm.com Rs. Benelli M3 ( Italy) Pump Action Benelli M3 Rs. Beretta AL391 Urkia 2 (Optema Choke).12 ga Beretta.com Rs. Beretta Al 391 Urkia 2 Gold (Optema Choke).12 ga Beretta.com Rs.

Benelli M4 ( Italy) Repeater Benelliusa.com Rs. Franchi SPAS 12 Repeater Franchi SPAS-12 Rs.


Winchester Super X3 Repeater Winchester Super X3 Rs. Beretta AL 391 Tex Gold (Optema Choke).12 ga Beretta.com Rs. Rugar Mini 14.223 Rifle RugerMini-14 Rs. Beretta Ultra Light Delux.12 ga Beretta.com Rs.

Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III.12 ga Beretta.com Rs. Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon IV.12 ga Beretta.com Rs. Beretta 471 Silver Hawk (Optema Choke).12 ga Beretta.com Rs. 450,000 Ammunition No. Name Pakistan Price 1).30 Bore Local Rs.

16 2).30 Bore Chinese Rs. 9mm Daara (Shop Made) Pakistan Rs. 9mm Russian WOLF Rs. 9mm China Rs. 9mm WAH ( Pakistan) Rs. 9mm Armscore JHP (Philipines) Rs.

9mm MagTech HP's ( Brazil) Rs. 9mm American Eagle / Federal Cartridge (U.S.A) Rs.

9mm American Eagle / Federal Cartridge Hollow Point (U.S.A) Rs. 9x18 Makarov Rs. 50 12).22 Amscor Philippines Rs. 11 13).22 Federal Hollow Point Rs. 14 14).22 CCI (U.S.A) Rs. 22 15).22 Magnum Rs.

40 16).32 European Rs. 50 17).32 European Hollow Point Rs. 70 18).357 Magnum ( Philippines) Rs. 65 19).357 Magnum Hollow Point (U.S.A) Rs 250 20).45 ACP Armscor ( Philippines) Rs.

60 21).45 ACP Misc (Surplus Ammo) Rs. 55 22).45 ACP Hollow Point ( Russia / Serbia)Rs.

7.62x39mm (AK - 47) Rs. 556x45 mm NATO 'Green Tips' ( M-16 / M4 )Rs. 5.45x39mm (AK -74) Rs. 7 x 57 (Mauser) Rs. 125 27).30-06 Rs. 150 28).22 - 250 Serbia Rs. 200 29).270 Winchester Rs.

225 29).243 Winchester Rs. 7mm Winchester Rs. 7mm Remington Magnum (U.S.A) Rs. 350 32).44 Magnum Hollow Point (U.S.A) Rs. 300 Magnum Serbia Rs. 300 Winchester Magnum Rs. 600 35).12 Bore Cartridge Shaheen (Comes in Box of 25.

Pakistan) (Currently in Short Supply) Rs. 40 / 1000 36).

12 Bore Cartridge U.S or European (Rottweil etc)Rs. 12 Bore CartridgeFederal Hollow Point (Comes in Box of 5. 12 Bore Cartridge MagTech ( Brazil) Rs. 12 Bore Cartridge Cyprus Rs. 1150 MISC No. Name Pakistan Price 1). WD 40 (400 ml) Rs.

Holster Pistol/Handgun Desi Rs. Hoppes No: 9 Lubricant or Powder Solvant Rs. Kleen Bore Pocket Kit (Any Caliber) Rs. Hoppes Cleaning Kit with Hard Box (Any) Rs. HOUGE Grips Misc Rs.

OTIS Portable Cleaning KIT (Any Caliber, 5.56, 7.62, 12G, Universal) Rs. Holster Uncle Mike (U.S.A) Rs. 3,000-5000 9). FOBUS Holster Rs. Bushnell Scope ( Chinese ) Rs. Glock 17 / 19 33 Round Mags Rs. CAT Laser Light for Pistol Rs.

Nikon / Bushnell / Siemens / B.S.A Scope Rs. Leopold Scope Rs.

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