Download Bus Simulator 2012 Patch 1.3.2. That allows you to experience what it's like to drive a bus in a German city. The bus routes contain over. Bus Simulator 2012 Patch 1.3.1 Installation. Bus Simulator 2012 1.3.1 German To English!! Pcmate platinum software download. Bus Simulator 2012 startet nicht [German HD Tutorial]. Bus Simulator 2012, free download.

This patch will update European Bus Simulator 2012 to version 1.3.2. The patch adds a two-cycle heating system and applies several fixes. UPDATE 1.3.2 Fixes: -Some settings (e.g. Steering settings, acceleration and brake delay) were not saved, this was fixed. Missing bus stop announcements were added. An error where the name, year of birth and gender of the player was not saved has been fixed. Crash at the Maria-Graf-Ring was fixed.

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EuropeanEuropean Bus Simulator 2012 German To English Patch

Missing umlauts for bus stop names in the driver display were corrected. Satisfaction display now does not go below 0 percent. It was possible to close the doors again with the manual door button when the door wing lock was activated and the door was open. This was fixed. The rear door light in the articulated bus could not be controlled. This was fixed.


European Bus Simulator 2012 German To English Patch Francais

Glenn gould goldberg variations torrent mp3. New functions and additions: -A two-cycle heating system was added. MD5 Sum: 90e2cec50ac09c6a88b6d3 SHA1 Sum: 69cdc3590bd27388fc32488489ea216610e678af.

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