1. Praetorians Mod Imperial 5.1 Download

MoD Imperial Praetorians 5.0 Free. MoD Imperial Praetoriansis a complete modification which is installed on the original and which adds a great variety. Praetorians Epic Version 1.5 Apr 25 2018 Praetorians - Mod TLE (UCP/TCP) Full Version. (NON-MODDED) - Praetorians Mod Imperial v5.0 Full Version 564.32mb.

The word 'praetorian' comes from the elite guards of the Praetor, the commanding general. Founded in the 6th century BC, the cohors praetoria consisted of the hand-picked infantry or cavalry who guarded their general and his command tent. At first, they were recruited exclusively from among Roman citizens, but later other Latin peoples were allowed to join.

The praetorians enjoyed prestigious status in the Roman army and, when Augustus came to power, they were the only soldiers allowed inside Rome. Augustus anticipated that they could be used politically as well as militarily, something of a gamble for the new Emperor, as he was keen to assert the Republican nature of his regime.

Barracked just outside Rome, the praetorians were charged with keeping order during all public events. Later, as the Imperial bodyguard, they served in military campaigns only when the Emperor himself was present. This happened frequently as later Emperors emerged from the ranks of the army during the 1st century AD.

Praetorians mod imperial 5.1

Unit NamePraetorian Guard Main Unit KeyRomPraetorianGuard Land Unit KeyRomPraetorianGuard Naval Unit Keypeltransport Soldiers160 CategoryMelee Infantry ClassMelee Infantry Custom Battle Cost1300 Recruitment Cost1300 Upkeep Cost200 Missile Damage30 ├ Missile Weaponromepilumheavy ├ Projectilepilumheavy ├ Missile Damage20 ├ Missile Ap Damage10 └ Base Reload Time15 Accuracy5 Range40 Reload0 Shots Per Minute4 Ammunition2 Melee Attack65 Weapon Damage39 ├ Melee Weaponromegladiuselite ├ Melee Damage Base34 ├ Melee Damage Ap5 ├ Armour PiercingNo ├ Bonus vs. Large0 ├ Bonus vs Elephants0 └ Bonus vs Infantry0 Charge Bonus19 Melee Defence55 ├ Base Defence30 ├ Shieldscutummarian └ Shield Defence25 Armour90 ├ Armoursegmentata ├ Armour Defence50 └ Shield Armour40 Health65 ├ Man Entityromeinfantryveryheavy ├ Man Health45 └ Bonus Hit Points20 Base Morale70 Abilities Praetorian Guard. Attacking Testudo The troops of this unit raise their shields above their heads in a defensive formation.

Protection against missiles Limited speed. Use the Whip Improved attack and fatigue resistance for a short time. Melee attack, weapon damage, fatigue resistance Exertion: fatigue Attributes. Disciplined This unit does not suffer a morale penalty when the general dies. It can also rally after routing more often. Encourage This unit provides a morale bonus to nearby allies. Protocol test harness crack.

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Praetorians Mod Imperial 5.1

Formation Attack The unit will try to stay in formation when in melee. Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close. Strengths & Weaknesses Transport. Very poor hull strength. Very slow speed.

Weak ramming Praetorian Guard. Very good attack. Average defence.

Praetorians Mod Imperial 5.1 Download

Average damage but low armour penetration. Good morale.

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