Regal dobro

I'm having trouble decoding the serial number on my dobro. I'm wondering the. OMI guitars the last letter was either a D=wood, B=metal,.

Posted -: 06:48:50 Is there a sticker of country or origin on the back of the heads stock? Looks like a RD-45 Korean made as opposed to Chinese made seem to have better build quality. Estimated value stock-$200-300. Korean models were made approx before 2000-after 2000 they moved production to China. You can email Saga Music-they distribute Regals and can tell you more based on the serial number. The Korean made models are excellent candidates for an upgraded cone, bone nut, ebony tipped maple inserts and #14 spider bridge along with proper set up.

I have a 95 Korean made RD-45 cherry sunburst slot head with tuners turned up and I love it. Edited by - JIMBO53 on 06:53:29. Posted -: 11:15:00 That peghead looks a lot like the one on my old square neck. Mine developed a crack and just could not be repaired.

I realized later on that the peghead was quite a bit thinner - thickness wise - than a modern peghead. The original tuners didn't really fit properly in the new neck - the shafts were very short. I was able to install an old set of Klusons but eventually went with the Stew Mac Golden Age tuners which work great. Three on a plate tuners have been pretty standard for years so I wouldn't worry too much about fit. You can also get new buttons to fit on the old tuners. It's a process but can be done a number of different ways.

There are a lot of online instructions. I've got a triple neck 8 string National with the original tuners and all new buttons. Posted -: 20:35:19 It's a 1937 Regal Dobro Model 37. There is no serial number, but my Dad bought it new in 1937. I have received his Hawaiin Guitar study material dated from 1937 to 1942, at which time He went to War in the European Theater.


This is the finest Model 37 on the Internet. I have seen Model 37's in not nearly this condition that Sold for $3,000, so it has to be conservatively appraised at $3300. I put new strings on it, and it rings like a bell. I am now studying, Bluegrass Dobro, and Zi'm newly dedicated to learning to play My Dad's awesome Dobro.

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