1. Pistol Tt For Sale

Locally Made Clone of Zigana F, 9mm Pistol Rs. Locally Made Clone of Beretta 92FS / Stoeger Cougar 9mm Pistol Rs. Locally Made Clone of Glock 17 / 19, 9mm Pistol Rs. Su podium v2 keygen.

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Made in pakistan guns
  • Educational program regarding the TT 30 Bore Russian pistol by Aftab Ahmad in URDU/HINDI.
  • POF WAH Made Pistols PRICE: ST-9 = 57,000/-RS B-6 =50,000/-RS PK-9 =33,000/-RS. New weapons prices in pakistan Handguns HANDGUNS No. Name Type Link Lahore Price 1).

Pistol Tt For Sale

Jan 11, 2016  IMP: Visit channel for more videos, thanks Update: the pistol i bought for price equal to 80 bucks, like one and a half years ago, its been working flawlessl.

36,000 CHINA: 1. Norinco NZ-85B, 9mm Pistol, Rs. NP 34, 9mm Pistol, Rs.

CF 98/NP42/QSZ-92, 9mm Pistol, Rs. 45,000 SERBIA: 1. CZ 999 (Skorpion) (AKA Charles Daily ZDA) 9mm Pistol, Rs.

EZ 9, 9mm Pistol, Rs. 60,000 PHILLIPINES: 1. Tangfolio Viper, 9mm Pistol, Rs.

62,000 RUSSIA: 1. Baikal MP446 Viking (Russia) 9mm Pistol Baikal Rs.

65,000 TURKEY: 1. Stoeger Cougar, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Sarsilmaz B6, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Girsan MC-27, 9mm Pistol, Rs.

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Tt pistol all made price in pakistan 2016

Kanuni 16 / S, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Canik 55 (All variants), 9mm Pistol, Rs. 50,000 BRAZIL: 1. Taurus 24/7 Pro, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Taurus 809, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Taurus PT 99, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Taurus 24/7 Pro Titanium, 9mm Pistol, Rs.100,000 KOREA: 1.

Daewoo DP51 (Korea) 9mm Pistol Daewoo DP51 Rs.68,000 CZECH REPUBLIC: 1. CZ 75 P07 DUTY, 9mm Pistol, Rs. CZ P 01, 9mm Pistol, Rs. CZ 75 B Omega, 9mm Pistol, Rs. CZ Rami, 9mm Pistol, Rs. CZ SP01 Shadow, 9mm Pistol, Rs.

CZ Tactical Sports TS, 9mm Pistol, Rs. 130,000 U.S.A.: 1. Smith & Wesson Sigma (NIB), 9mm Pistol, SIGMA Rs.90,000 SWITZERLAND / GERMANY / USA: 1. Steyr M9A1, 9mm Pistol, Rs.225,000 ITALY: 1. Beretta 92FS, 9mm Pistol, Rs.250,000 AUSTRIA: 2. Glock 17, 9mm Pistol, Rs.


Glock 19, 9mm Pistol, Rs. Glock 26, 9mm Pistol, Rs. 340,000 GERMANY: 1. Heckler & Koch HK USP (NIB), 9mm Pistol, Rs.400,000 2. Heckler & Koch P2000, 9mm Pistol, Rs.350,000 3. Heckler & Koch P30 9mm Pistol, Rs.430,000 4.

SIG P250, 9mm Pistol, Rs.350,000.

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