I inherited a lyle 6 string guitar from my mother, who bought it second hand in Oregon in the 70s. Model number is 355, and serial number is T4063. I took it into the local guitar refurbisher (I live in New Zealand) who had never heard of Lyle, but said it's in great condition and appears to be very well made.

Lyle Guitars Serial Numbers

Lyle Acoustic Guitar Japan

The serial number is 114. What I'm wondering is, where did the serial numbers start. However, let Don give you the gospel truth on that guitar. Mar 24, 2015 - Lyle guitars made in Japan threw the 70's basically a Harmony with different distribution, some are very good quality, on average they are worth.


Lyle Guitars Serial Numbers W4b5

I suspect from my quick Google search on lyle guitars that not many of these would be all the way down here in New Zealand and not much info seems to be available on the Internet from my attempts to learn more. I'd love some more information about the guitar I have!

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