How to mod the Steam version with TQDefiler!!!!! (Vanilla TQ), with out the expansion. You can download the game.dll from. Exit defiler, and start the game. Cheat Engine Downloads. I've added some of the TQ defiler mods which aren't there in. Works the latest steam version 1.57 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

  1. Tq Defiler Steam
  2. Java Latest Version Download


TQVault XL is a new TQVault based on TQVault It supports Anniversary Edition as well as classic Titan Quest and brings new features like extra space.


Tq Defiler Latest Version Download

This TQVault adoption consists of two main feature blocks:

Xtra Large
Increase vault space und add support for enlarged caravan/transfer areas.

Xtra Light
Some code and program cleanup to reduce problems and temptations.

TQVault XL 1.1.1 – Changes against TQVault

Xtra Large

  • Add setting for additional inventory rows
  • Adjust GUI to properly show caravan/transfer area up to a size of 16×18
  • Increase vault sack height from 5 to 20

Xtra Light

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  • Remove update function
  • Remove trash area
  • Remove action panel (where you can remove relics/… from items and separate potions)
  • Remove cheat options (item copy, change seed, change completion bonus, create set items)


  • Unify old and new GUI
  • Add support for normal TQ/IT characters with loaded mod
  • Add drag&drop function for vault sacks (equal to old sack moves per right click)
  • Change sack moves per right click: overwrite target sack and empty source sack
  • Extend move/copy/merge of sacks: add the other vault as target option
  • Add auto registration of VXPLib.dll (no installer needed anymore)
  • Add support for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (TQ AE)
  • Fix for error when no original TQ installation path was found (open settings dialog)
  • Add auto detection of GOG and Steam TQAE installations


  • Titan Quest TQVault XL Tool Character

  • Titan Quest TQVault XL Tool Inventory

  • Titan Quest TQVault XL Tool Settings

  • Titan Quest TQVault XL Tool Vault

  • Titan Quest TQVault XL Tool Extend Copy Merge Sacks

  • Titan Quest TQVault XL Tool Storage Area Cover



Tq Defiler Steam


TQVault XL

Will It Work On My System/Game?Tested with Win 10, 64 Bit and installed TQ+IT, TQ+IT+AE, only AE.The following .Net Frameworks are installed on my system (if it doesn't start on your PC):- .Net 2.0,

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