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By the time the Rolling Stones began calling themselves the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the late ’60s, they had already staked out an impressive claim on the title. As the self-consciously dangerous alternative to the bouncy Merseybeat of the Beatles in the British Invasion, the Stones had pioneered the gritty, hard-driving blues. Goats Head Soup is the 11th British and 13th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in August 1973. Like its predecessor, Exile on Main St., the band composed and recorded it outside of the United Kingdom due to tax issues.

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The Best Of The Rolling Stones - Jump Back (Remastered) The Rolling Stones Greatests Hits Part 1 CD1 The Rolling Stones; Rolled Gold Plus CD1 The Rolling Stones; Blue & Lonesome The Rolling Stones; Rolled Gold Plus CD2 The Rolling Stones; GRRR! (Deluxe Version) CD1 The Rolling Stones; Tattoo You (Remastered) The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street (Remastered) (Deluxe Edition) CD1 The Rolling. Pes 2011 download.

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