The people that complained about the controls OBVIOUSLY didn't play on the GameCube. The C Stick didn't aim, and you couldn't knife while running. THIS PORT IS IDENTICAL TO THE GameCube.

Change your controls to type III or II if you want the GameCube memories. The game NEVER allowed you to shoot while walking, not even on the PS2 version or Wii port. You have to stop to aim, you turn by holding right or left. Back A turns you around fast.

Aug 18, 2011 - He moaned that when he tried to play it on his laptop (don't ask. So I closed my porn, got off my lazy butt, dug up RE4, installed it and started it up. Much easier than stuffing about on the net for an hour, heh. NOTE: Each time you change and save the settings with the game's setup utility, this will be. Jul 7, 2015 - I was wondering if there's anyway that I can get RE4 to run smoothly on my Laptop without being as laggy as hell? I purchased the game about.

Some of the bad reviews must have been thinking this was Res 5 or Call of Duty, because this port and the original on GameCube NEVER let you run diagonaly. This 'remake' is exactly as i expected, and the new graphics are amazing. I didn't, and you shouldn't, expect it to be a ground up remake. This game is EXACTLY as i remembered it on GameCube, aside from better graphics. ONE COMPLAINT I'VE FOUND! In the beginning village on gamecube there was a chainsaw lady.

Download game resident evil 4

Download Game Resident Evil 4 Untuk Laptop Windows 8

It was gone in this remaster:(, although its the only unoriginal/easier thing thus far. This is my first Resident Evil game in many years, So I thought what better way to get back into the R-E franchise than playing one of the most praised games by Capcom. Of course I had many doubts but, after playing for countless hours being lost in the world I wished I had played it so much sooner it is a great game, puzzles, bosses, swarms of enimies. I also had a few jump scares during game play, I know you see I rated 5 star but honestly would put 10 I'm not over exaggerating or trying to over hype by all means. If you have 20$ to spare do try this title even more so if you haven't played R-E 4 like me, note there is many unlockables you'll want to obtain and putting the extra time pays off full load.

Also yes the controls are a little wonky but you adept quickly and putting upgrades on you're guns help a ton, this just my little review and opinion have a great day. This game was one of my go-to games in my PS2 days, and not only is it the best RE ever made (maybe besides Resident Evil 2), it is one the best games I've ever played PERIOD. I have beat this masterpiece countless times and would still come back for more. If you love Resident Evil, PLAY THIS!

The over-the-shoulder angle became my favorite way to enjoy shooters and was a fantastic way to revive a classic yet dated series. Quit being skeptical if you've never played this before and just buy it.

You certainly won't regret it.I never did. First off, RE4 is brillant. Second, it came out in 2005 and has been ported from the Gamecube several times.

Download Game Resident Evil 4 Untuk Laptop

It is easily in my top 20 games ever but this port has issues. It has a bug which makes aiming and shooting near impossible, making the game near unplayable. Capcom hasn't addressed it, but Digital Foundry brought it up in their testing. They didn't have it happen, but a video surfaced showing it. The footage in the video is the same thing I'm having occur. I hope Capcom can patch this.

Just sucks RE6 got better treatment in the upgrade department.

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