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Is there a way to install the Server 2012 R2 or Windows 10 drivers into the 2016 template? Pnputil probably checks the OS string to determine which drivers to add. Is there a way to bypass the OS string check? Something like the compatibility mode in Windows? Windows 2016 is licensed per core, so when an additional CPU is added, the number of cores increases and therefore an additional license is required. License fees are available on our website. Contact our Dedicated Server team for any queries.

Thx for ur post. Maybe u don't need to bot on server, maybe u don't bot on ur pc 24/24 7/7. Lot of user use this solution now, i've lot of mp from user to say me thx. So don't used, but don't troll. For quin: edit:the suggested partition tool is a bloat/scamware that should be avoided at all cause. Garmin activation code. Not realy, but i've see ur skill in windows before that's, u normaly do it directly with partition tools in windows.

Hetzner Vserver Install Windows

Hetzner Installing Windows

Installing Windows Diy


But if u don't know how to do, u can use a software with free key for 30 day. Anyway, i've edit my post.

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