. AUX air conditioning. Part VI, i.e. Annex 1, provides all fault codes of AUX air conditioning so as to enable service workers to judge the faults correctly(in case of any change of Technical parameters and installation &. Section two H series products.121 Section three Floor-standing type air conditioner exploded pictures.141 Chapter 4 The disassembly and the relating attention issues to the part of AUX product.150 Section one the disassembly and the relating attention issues to the series products of 9000BTU12000BTU150 Section two the disassembly and the relating attention issues to the series product of 18000BTU24000BTU.154.

AUX air conditioner service manual Chapter 1 the operation theory of the home Air-Conditioner Section one the basic knowledge of pyrology and ventilation 1. Basic Definition ⑴ Temperature Temperature is a physical value for the definition of the percentage of the cold and heat to an object. AUX air conditioner service manual The pressure is distinguished by gauge pressure and absolute pressure applied in the practice. The gauge pressure is validated according to the numerical value shown on the pressure gauge.

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This value, based on an atmospheric pressure (0), is the difference of the actual pressure of the tested gas and the ambient atmospheric pressure. AUX air conditioner service manual applied in the separating process by the gas & liquid separator. ⑷Heat Energy The heat energy of the substance, the internal energy, is the sum of the kinetic energy and potential energy. The quantity of heat is the physics parameter for measuring the heat absorbed or released by the physical object, and is one of the representation forms of energy.

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AUX air conditioner service manual your hand will feel heated. Different materials have different heat conductivity.

In this case, the heat conductivity coefficient was introduced as the unit of the value for measuring purpose. Such coefficient represents the amount of heat that passes by conduction through a one meter thickness of homogeneous material, per one hour and per one square meter Measured as 1℃. AUX air conditioner service manual impacted by force, for example the convection of the refrigerant inside the pipes caused by the impact from the compressor of the refrigerator and air-conditioner, and the forced convection to the condenser and evaporator impacted by the fan. The heat transfer coefficient is directly proportional to the flow speed of the forced convection. AUX air conditioner service manual water in the air within the temperature zone under 100℃, the absolute humidity can be represented by the pressure value created by the water vapor in the air. The pressure unit is: Pa.

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Less relative humidity means more dry of the air. Zero percent of the relative humidity value means 100 percent dry air.

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AUX air conditioner service manual temperature value shall be determined by the industry & mineral enterprises, scientific & research institutes, medical and sanitary units according to their own specific purposes. The process of air temperature conditioning is substantially the process of adding or reducing sensible heat.


AUX air conditioner service manual ②Freon species refrigerant They are the ramifications of methane and ethane with the changing character in consequence of the quantities variety of the atoms of fluorine, hydrogen and chlorine. The best option for choosing a chemical compound at the vaporizing temperature of -130℃.

AUX air conditioner service manual ⑴The requirement for the thermodynamic character The basic requirements the refrigerant shall meet are: ①Under the standard atmosphere pressure, the evaporation temperature must be low and generally shall not higher than -10℃. The pressure value under the normal evaporation temperature shall be higher or closed to the atmosphere pressure value in case of the air’s in leakage to the system. AUX air conditioner service manual specific type and temperature of the lubricating oil. The capacity per unit of R22 is almost same as the one of R717 while it will be higher than R22 under a low temperature.R22 is usually applied in the middle temperature refrigerating systems with the object lowest refrigerating temperature of up than -60℃.


AUX air conditioner service manual Slippage temp.℃) 34℃,the indoor fan runs at the setting fan speed;28℃<TE≤34℃,the indoor fan runs at the low fan speed;TE≤28℃,the indoor fan turns off. AUX air conditioner service manual ⑾Anti-high temperature protection: ①when run on Heating mode,if TE≥57℃ and continuously last 10 seconds, the outdoor fan stops; if TE≥64℃ and last for 10s,the compressor stops again;When TE.

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