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Laurel And Hardy - Collection (1920's - 1940's) - USA, Comedy, English audio (a few titles in Spanish), No subtitles, 142 Movies and Shorts (Many are duplicates - a Black & White version and a Color one) This is a nearly complete collection of Laurel and Hardy movies from DVD rips. (actually, DVD ISO's that I downloaded and then ripped) They come from Hexen's torrents. Included in this torrent is a folder filled with the original Hexen L&H Torrents. Format:.AVI files Video: 800 Kbps XviD Audio: 96 Kbps MP3 Size: Movies vary widely by size, due to widely different film lengths, but range from 77 MB to 600 MB, with the majority of them around 130 MB. Note: These movies are mostly from the 1920's - 1940's, and the file quality isn't perfect. This is not a fault of my ripping process, but is due to the age of these movies, and the media on which it has been stored for over half a century.

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Ripped using ImToo DVD Ripper Platinum 4.0.88 (Ripped using the Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2007-07-22 (These come from a 'complete collection' DVD set, but the set is actually missing a few movies. This collection doesn't seem to gel very well with IMDB at all - there are several movies in here that IMDB doesn't have, and several movies in IMDB that this collection doesn't have. Also, I am missing 'Hinter Schloss Und Rigel' from the DVD collection which was described as 'Extracts from the German version of Pardon Us.' For some reason, I couldn't rip this. I tried several times. Good question, Joolzg. I'm not sure why the seeding is so slow.

I have a lot of unused bandwidth for some reason. I should be uploading my torrents at around 150 KB/s, but I appear to be dishing out 10 KB/s on this one. After shutting down and restarting uTorrent, it looks like I'm delivering about 60 KB/s, now. Still less than I'd like, but better, nonetheless. I'll see if I can tweak it further when I get home. Also, it looks like I forgot to check 'initial seeding', so I probably haven't been delivering unique packets with my anorexic bandwidth. Sorry about that.

Hopefully this torrent will accelerate considerably. Nonetheless, my experience with large torrents suggests that I won't get a full copy of this out to the swarm for at least a week, and possibly two. It is 26 GB+. I haven't let any of my torrents die, yet.

Laurel And Hardy Youtube Full Movies

(well, except the black books one that had a problem, and I created a 'corrected' version to replace it). Since this is a really big torrent and a lot of people are getting pieces of it and only about a third of those people are sharing back to the swarm, it's going to be slow. My internet connection seems to provide poor performance for torrents. Anybody understand this?


I can download almost 3 MB/s through ftp and http, but 600 KB/s totally saturates uTorrent. Likewise, I can upload at about 1.5 MB/s through some protocols, but uTorrent seems to choke and die around 200 KB/s). Cheers back, NickFreeStone! I'll continue to seed this for a while - at least until it has a dozen or so seeds. I've kept all of my torrents in utorrent, even when I've stopped seeding them, so that I can watch them and make sure that there are always a few seeds. Crazy, though.

I have a ton of stuff that I've ripped that I'm not sharing out, yet, because I can't provide a reasonable level of transfer speed on most of it. The Star Hunter TV series, the Star Hunter 2300 TV series, 'Jack of All Trades' TV series (starring Bruce Campbell), Forever Knight TV series, and so on. Once I get one of these huge torrents with enough seeds (like Gilligan's Island), I throw up another torrent with another collection. @Lemberg, Sorry that the audio compression is lower than you prefer. I find 96 kbps to be adequate for my purposes. From my perspective the quality was so low to begin with (pops and cracks and 1930's sound editing) that I might as well have dropped it down to 64kbps.

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Similar Books All books are the property of their respective owners. Patofisiologi tetralogi fallot pdf.

Ultimately, I made this torrent for the sole purpose of compressing this data, heavily. You have the option of collecting the Hexen DVD ISOs if quality is a primary concern for you. They're all available online, and I've tried to collect them in another of my torrents to make them easy for collectors who demand high quality. Personally, I'm not an audiophile or videophile. If it's reasonably clear and sounds reasonably good on an Analog TV (no static, not too blocky), my desire to collect old TV shows and old movies is satisfied. I have 3.8 Terabytes of TV shows, movies, and music. A 10% increase in file size means a 10% decrease in the number of files I can store.

Laurel And Hardy Movies Youtube

In fact, anything that I download, which violates my space constraints is summarily recompressed. 400 MB for a 1-hour show, 200MB for a 30-minute show, and 800MB for a movie.

Beyond the baseline quality that these constraints guarantee, my primary concern is with the efficient (quantitative) use of my storage resources. @pezbot On the VLC tracking thing.

My ripping software sometimes causes this problem. I'm not sure what's up with it, because other media players never complain. I've read up on it in the VLC fora, and the developers insist that it is, indeed, a problem with the AVI files, and not with VLC. However, they mention things that 'prove' it, like media players won't t know how long the file is, and that you can't move the slider. These don't appear to be symptoms that my files exhibit. VLC and other media players know how long it is, and you can skip throughout the movie with impunity. I remain skeptical as to what the exact issue is, but I humbly apologize for this, anyway.

You can turn off those prompts in VLC with this setting (this setting is only available in VLC 0.8.6 and later): Settings Preferences Demuxers AVI Force index creation Ask/Always fix/never fix (pick the last option, and you won't be harrassed).

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