Honestly, so far this is the best Gantz in screen representation. A great comeback to fix the reputation of Gantz. Far better than 2 Live Action Movies that we've got. If you are new to Gantz, this will be your animated movie that had thrill, action, noir and horror in balanced setup. Even if you confused of what Gantz and Tokyo team used to be, you still can enjoy the game.

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Even they skip in (almost) last battle, there are still explanation what this game is all about. Its just complete menu i say. For animated movie, the colors, graphs, movement, detail, expression and gesture is almost perfect. You can compare it with latest Final Fantasy movie. I hope they don't stop in this movie. I hope Kurono's run is following after this. Last word, Hold your breath deeply:).

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IndoManga Gantz Sub IndoManga

Download free wi-fi mediaconnect _setup .exe software. We2002 english patch. Jump to Manga - Written by Hiroya Oku, the manga chapters have been published in. Gantz is divided into three main story arcs referred to as 'phases'.

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