If you have a 2018 you are in the wrong forum this is for e90's you have and F30 or beyond. Read the manuals if you have an idrive that is like the ones in the e90 the usb in glove box is only for downloading music into the hardrive in the idrive the one in the center console plays music.

Intelliplus architecturals 8 crack. There is and idrive subforum here. BMW doesn't do over the air updates as far as I know.

The ipod or phone support requires a BMW cable that plugs into both the phone and the aux to work on a e90. I would think a2dp would be a standard feature by now. You need to read the manuals there is usually a separate manual for audio and idrive. Well the next question is what is your phone. If you want wireless bluetooth phone and have idrive and a combox you will need both coding and and probably some hardware to enable it. The idrive sub forum will have more concentrated info on this. It will cost you a lot to get a upgrade from BMW and they may tell you its not even possible.

Bmw E90 Software Update Usb Ports

Better to find a coder or go to someplace like Bimmertech or Bimmeretrofits. First step is to find what you actually have by doing a Vin check with a free BMW online VIN checker and listing all the options in the 6xx area where the audio and usb, a2dp features are listed.

Bmw Software Update

  • E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013). Or is my glovebox USB port not workin right? I have an 2011 e70 x5 and wanted to update my maps.
  • Find the perfect USB Audio Ports & Cables for all BMW series only. And the other end is a USB port that you can place where ever. For BMW E90,E92,E82,E70,E71.
Free update usb ports

2018-2 BMW USB Map Update. Which were served under the N54 campaign in 2013 and had received a complete software update to the entire. E90 - E91 - E92 - E93.

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