Rockwell automation powerflex 700 manual

The PowerFlex 700 AC drive offers outstanding. Flexible Fault Configuration - Adapters can be programmed to take fault based actions as ramp to stop. Output Current @ 480V 60Hz Input. Documentation set includes “Language” User Manual, multi-language Quick Start. PowerFlex 700 1 PowerFlex 700 X PowerFlex 700 6 PowerFlex 700 Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 700 20B-UM001x CD PowerFlex PELEX-RM001x

Hi, I'm working with about ten Powerflex 700, on 480V. Everything was good during the start-up until one day: one drive had a fault 925. There is nothing in the powerflex700 manual about that fault, and any other mentioned in this thread. So i'd shut down the power on the drive.


Powerflex 700 Fault Codes

In the reboot, the drive go on Fault 923, it had not reach the normal menu, ( stop in the loading). So, power down and power up = Fault 918. Again Jam before reaching the mian menu.

Power reset then Fault 925. So you get the picture. Is anybody get an idea on this?

This entry was posted on 6/5/2019.