1. Cisco Xmodem File Transfer

Cisco Xmodem File Transfer

Cisco xmodem file transfer

Downloading code using XMODEM. I have the srw2024 with. Firmware Update Failed / Can't Access SRW2024.

Srw2024 Downloading Code Using Xmodem With Putty

96 Appendix C: Downloading using Xmodem Startup Menu Procedures WebView Switches Appendix C: Downloading using Xmodem Startup Menu Procedures The Startup menu can be entered when booting the device. There is a two second window of time to enter the Startup Menu immediately after the POST test. The menu can be accessed directly from a terminal connected to the console port. The Startup menu procedures can be done using the ASCII terminal or Windows HyperTerminal. The software download procedure is performed when a new version must be downloaded to replace corrupted files, update or upgrade the system software.

To download software from the Startup menu: To enter the Startup menu: 1. Power off your computer and Switch. Connect the provided null modem cable from the COM port on your computer to the Console port on the Switch. Power on your computer and launch HyperTerminal, follow the instructions in Chapter 4: Using the Console Interface for Configuration to configure HyperTerminal to connect to the Switch. Power on the Switch and watch for the auto-boot message: Autoboot in 2 seconds - press RETURN or Esc. To abort and enter prom. When the auto-boot message appears, press the Enter key to access the Startup menu.

Select 1 Download Software and a message will appear Downloading code using XMODEM with characters running across the screen. If you do not perform the steps on the next page to locate the file for download within a certain time, the device will reset. NOTE: If a selection is not made within 35 seconds (default), the device times out and you will need to disconnect the power to restart the process. Figure C-2: Startup Menu Figure C-1: Auto-Boot Message.

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