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Posted by Joe L, Last modified by Joe L on 02 February 2018 10:15 AM We currently stock the following plunger push-in style lock set: At this time we do not have access to key code information for Contico brand toolbox, thus we cannot supply pre-cut keys for the Contico brand locks. We do stock a replacement lock for some older model Contico locks. This lock does not fit all Contico products as Contico used several different lock manufacturers over the years. Please review the specifications on.

You will also need a USB drive to copy the image onto which you will then put into the device you want to re-image. Wyse c10le firmware upgrade. If it’s Wyse ThinOS you will need an active “Dell Wyse ThinOS maintenance” agreement in place to get firmware from support site.

Have you ever found the black plastic lock like you have pictured on this page. (Bottom picture) I have one with no keys and is pretty corroded. So I really need one or one that would work as I don't think this one will work and I am having a hard time finding a key that will fit it to have cut for it. None of the lock smiths around here has that key in stock to cut. There is a 1' diameter hole in the box and so it has to be a pretty large lock. I don't care if it looks like that or not as long as it would work.

Contico Truck Box

Most I find are 1/2' and not long enough for the catch. Thought about putting a metal plate over the hole and drilling a smaller hole and using a lock I can easily find instead. Your thought?


Contico Truck Tool Box Gas Struts

Thanks Michael.

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