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YamahaMu2000 Yamaha Manual

Yamaha Mu2000 Manual

Great MIDI module for both old retro PC games and for modern creative work Even though it was released in 1999, the Yamaha MU2000 has a very powerful sound engine and effects processor on board, as well as slots for three optional expansion boards for even more instruments. DC power input means it is easy to power it from a modern universal power adapter. Yamaha still provides a USB MIDI driver for the MU series that works perfectly both on Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. You can even connect the midi output of the MU2000 to other midi gear and control both through USB! The Yamaha instruments sound a little 'dry' compared to Roland if you listen to plain old general midi, but there are many XG specific midi files that use all the effects and really show off what this module can do. Manuals are in Japanese but the user interface is very easy to understand and only takes minutes to learn once you start pressing all the buttons to see what they do!

Yamaha Mu 2000 Ex Manual

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