Enable Intel Hd 2000 Graphics On Your Hackintosh

What about Intel Pentium G630? What version should I download. IAtkos/ Kalyway/ Ideneb or whatever you'd like to suggest. I am looking to install Mountain Lion.

Enable Intel Hd 2000 Graphics On Your Hackintosh

IGPlatformID Usage: IGPlaformID=value ​ IGPlatformID=value overrides the Chimera default snb-platform-id or ig-platform-id IORegistry key values for the Intel HD Graphics 2500, 3000, 4000, 4000 Mobile, 4600, 4600 Mobile and 5000 GPUs to allow for the use of an alternate port layout. The value must be 8 hexadecimal digits and is comprised of the graphics controller device id and a port configuration value.


For example Chimera uses a default value of 0166000A for the HD 4000, where 0166 is the device type and 000A is the port configuration. Below is a list of OS X platform-ids and Chimera defaults based on our testing on recommended motherboards. Intel HD 2000/3000 (SNB) 00301000 Chimera HD 3000 Desktop Default Intel HD 2500/4000 (Capri) 016007 016002 01660003 Chimera HD 4000 Mobile Default 0160008 Chimera HD 2500 Default 016000A Chimera HD 4000 Desktop Default 0166000B Intel HD 4600/5000 (Azul) 040000 0410000 Chimera HD 5000 Default 0A160000 0A260000 0A260005 MacBook Air Platform ID 0A260006 0A260008 0A2E0008 0C060000 0C160000 0C260000 0D220003 Chimera HD 4600 Default 0D260000 0D260007 Feel free to experiment with these values, but make sure you back up first. Share your results here in the comments. Article: New Intel HD Graphics Boot Flags in Chimera Before Chimera 2.2 I was using only the discrete GTX650, and all my three displays had audio (1 via HDMI and 2 via DVI). This was achieved via pjalm's DSDT patches for my mobo.

With the release of Chimera 2.2 I started my journey towards enabling both HD4000 and GTX650 with HDMI audio (on both adapters). I'm using a Z77X-UD5H (HD4000) plus discrete Nvidia GTX 650). The whole thing works great via 'IGPEnabler=Yes' and 'GraphicsEnabler=No'. The only problem is HDMI audio via HD4000. I'm getting audio on the discrete GTX650 (two displays via DVI), but via HD4000 (HDMI) there is no audio signal. I've tried several ways of compiling my DSDT with pjalm's patches (AIO+HD4000+discrete, AIO+discrete+HD4000), but none has enabled audio over HD4000. Now I'm wondering if changing the port configuration could help with HDMI audio on the HD4000.

Is it a trial and error process? Should I always need a DSDT to enable HDMI audio over the HD4000?

Or just the right port configuration is enough for enabling HDMI audio? My guess is that I should use the IDs starting with 0166 (the ones for HD4000). Am I right on that? Several Trials, but not created boot.plist Thank you for your efforts and great support.

Since I am not familiar to manage the Chine 2.2, let me provide your further explanation on my basic ( primitive) question. QQ: Excactly, where I should specify ' IGPEnabler=Yes (for my GA-Z87X-OC), and GraphicsEnabler=No (for my GTX780)', - in any xxxx.plist? - or just type in Boot option of MountLion drive? Pls advice me. Update: After reading following article, I could reach the point that I can fully utilized the function of i7-4770K/HD4600. If you still encounter any issue/problem, it may be helpful for you since I could resolve my issue Forum → The Build → Golden Builds → wildwillow's Haswell Build: GA-Z87X-OC - i7-4770K - HD4600+GT 640.

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